Ok so what had happened was …. I screwed up my time management for this week and pretty much know, I will not be able to make all these goodies in time for the ship date! I am so so sorry … I will consider a box for June. I might have to move this project to a bi-monthly fun thing.

If ya’ll have teenagers, you know how I feel right now lmfao! They are soo busy and in turn, I am busy. So, thank you for your understanding and support.


Limited Supply!

There is only a few copies left for the April supply box for HauteMess! Make sure to nab your box at my Marketplace. Thank you again soo much for taking a chance on my idea! I luff your faces! ♥


April HauteMess Box has shipped!

My first ever HauteMess Sub Box has been shipped out to every one who subscribed!
TYSM ladies for your support!
I hope you enjoy your box of goodies!

IF you missed out, a limited supply of April boxes are available on the Marketplace only!

IF you missed your delivery, come inworld and slap a terminal inside the HQ!

Keep an eye out for the May pre-orders!


HauteMess Subscription Box

HauteMess Monthly Sub Box by Toxxic Rhiannyr
Enrollment: April 1st 2017
Next Box: April 12th 2017
HauteMess HQ

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HauteMess is a monthly subscription box filled with exclusive products, all designed by Toxxic Rhiannyr. Products range from women’s apparel, footwear, cosmetics, accessories ++++!

Sub box products are exclusive to this project, meaning they will NOT be sold separately AS IS . Clarification: I do reserve the right to use any product at a later date, but will ensure different texture packs / styles are designed.

Monthly subscription will cost [1,000L], per avatar, you can enroll inworld at the HauteMess HQ or on our Marketplace [link soon]. Once you have subscribed to the box, there is no backing out! No refunds will be made, unless there is a double purchase mistake on the HauteMess vendor. If you miss out on a month, no worries … HauteMess expired boxes will be available at the HQ for 1,500L, with a limited supply available.

Upon subscribing to the HauteMess vendor, you will receive a HUD with important information about this project! Ship dates, important links to bookmark, etc!

C A T A L O G –
Wanna sneak peak? A catalog will be provided on our blog, showcasing the products included for that round. So you can see what you are getting, before buying in!

R E D E L I V E R Y –
If you miss the delivery of your HauteMess sub box, its ok! Don’t panic! Get your booty over to the HauteMess HQ & click the sign designated for Re-Deliveries! A dropdown will take you to a list of each sub box you have bought in to. Click the desired box you missed delivery on and a copy will be sent to you! Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Side notes-
•Subscriptions cannot be gifted, traded or exchanged•
•Mesh apparel fittings will be listed on the catalog•
•No inworld group needed to stay enrolled, however if you wish to stay up-to-date,
we do have a HauteMess Group.
[See below.]
•This box will not offer products from any other creator or brand•

Next box: April 12th, 2017

Toxxic Rhiannyr